Hafele PP8100 Digital Door Lock

$1,029.00 $949.00

Hafele PP8100 Digital Door Lock

Memory storage: Fingerprint: 100 fingerprints
Key card: 100 user cards
Password: 1 master password, 10 user passwords
Material: Al, Zn, ABS
Dim. (W x D x H): Front dimensions: 78.5 x 76.5 x 394 mm
Back dimensions: 78.5 x 69.5 x 394 mm
Mains voltage: 6V (alkaline battery 1.5V x 8ea, AA size)
Operating temperature range: from -25°C to +55°C
Door thickness: 38 – 90 mm
Door style: 120 mm


Door Authentication to Unlock: Fingerprint | Key card |  Password |  Mechanical key

  • Managed by a master password and user password
  • Double verification function by combine 2 in 3 access ways (Fingerprint/Password/Key card)
  • Private mode/Double locking mode can be activated from inside
  • Away mode/Defense mode to increase security for your house in case no one home
  • Auto/Manual locking mode is changeable
  • If incorrect fingerprint/PIN code/Card are attempted 10 times in a row, the related verification method will be lockout for 5 minutes
  • Low-battery warning by sound
  • Electric shock resistance
  • A password can be entered with a random number to prevent stealing
  • Silent mode can be activated when needed
  • Smart home integration with Z-wave module (optional)
  • Voice guide feature (English / Chinese)